Hella Questions with Maorr Stockfish



What is a Stockfish?
It is a fish from europe.
It is also a powerful open source chess engine.
It is also a breed of wonderful people, some of whom live in Woodland Hills, California.
The front door to the Stockfish residence is never locked. There is always someone cooking and smoking and talking and doing yoga and watching basketball and picking fruit and speaking not english on the phone. There are mattresses in the garage in case anyone needs to crash for a night or six months. When we first moved to Los Angeles, we lived at the Stockfish compound for six months.
The titular head of the Stockfishes is Amos Stockfish, an artist and furniture maker who starts dinner whenever. Amos Stockfish is one of the great animals of planet Earth.
Maorr Stockfish is the son of Amos Stockfish. Maorr is a young dude who graduated from Arizona and is living in the valley. Maorr is sweet, kind, caring and handsome.
I havent seen Maorr in a minute so asked him some questions.

Maorr! Maorr! How the fuck are you?

I’ve been okay. Definitely a weird time in my life with a lot of uncertainty. I’ve had a back injury that is trying to really break me down and kill my energy, but I’m fighting against it everyday!


How does it feel to be young?

It’s nerve racking and exciting! Nerve racking because I have no idea what I wanna do but I know what I don’t wanna do. Which is not give away half my time to some bullshit office job helping another person make money! lol it’s exciting because I know I have something to offer to people and I have time to focus on that and make something successful!


What do you do?

Currently I work for the city of La at parks and recs working with kids and coaching sports. Currently basketball! But I have recently decided to start my company so I’m at the beginning stages of that!


What don’t you do?

Hmmm, don’t cook or read as much as I would like or need to.


What did your dad make for dinner last night?

Obviously the bread! He has this new salsa mix that is pretty amazing. A lot of fish and a new beans recipe which is probably the best beans in the world.


What is up with the ladies?

Ughh tough subjective. Got a few friends but haven’t been meeting too many sadly.


When is the last time you threw up?

Don’t even remember, I think it’s been a while! 🙂


What is up with Ashley the dog?

Ashley the dog is so cute and we love having her here! ( probably more than she likes to be here)


What should I know about that you know about?

The lakers will win a championship in the next 3 years!


What does Maor mean in Hebrew?

Source of light! ?


What is a Stockfish?

It is a special being that is open minded and truly loves connecting with others


Who is the best you have ever seen do what they do?

Tough one. My dad as an interior designer. My mom as a hustler.

Mr. Gerald Pickett from agoura high school was the best teacher because he had this special effect on all his kids to care for each other. (Look him up! Awesome dude who started some cool programs and I believe did a ted talk after I left school)


How hot is it in Woodland Hills?

Feels like a sauna. Currently in the pool ?


What book are you reading right now?

My next book is called the goal


Who is in the kitchen?

Lail and her big belly!


How many pairs of socks do you own?

Never stays the same because they’re always going missing!


Who is your mortal enemy?

No enemies in my life. No hate in my life. But I do fear for the people who aren’t able to open their minds to new ideas or different beliefs.


What do you do when you go to Israel?

Ughhh lay on the beach duhhhhh

But for real beach and matkot everyday. Seeing all my family. Bike riding in the city. Eating the freshest most delicious food In the world! And Tel Aviv has one of the best night life’s in the world! So you’ll catch me shaking my ass all over the city


How are you like your dad?

We both don’t let outside things affect our attitude or mindsets. We both know how to just go with the flow and we have an understanding and confidence that everything will work out.


How are you different than your dad?

He either does not know or does not want to understand the purpose of punishment and accountability. This might just be a parenting thing but its something i have noticed as i got older and something that is a necessity to any growing child.


How are you like your mom?

When people are around and its party time we both light up the room. With her loud morocco noises and dance moves she is the ultimate entertainer. When i go out and party I’m always in the middle of the dance floor doing outrageous things.


Who can win in an arm wrestling contest between you and your pops?

pops will destroy all of us.


What do you hear in your head?

I always felt like my sub conscious is in my head. When i hear voices or thoughts its always an internal battle or something one side of me is telling me compared to the other. Everybody knows what they should or shouldn’t be doing but we choose whatever side is more prominent in our head. Its an internal battle everyone goes through.


What do you hear in your head when you are happy?

You can accomplish this.


What do you hear in your head when you feel negative?

Is it worth it?


What patterns of behavior do you see in your life?

I can get really interested in something and then drop it and move on to the next thing without fully giving everything i have to the first thing.


What makes you uncomfortable?

When people are not real with themselves.


What is strangest thing you saw happen in Arizona?

No way to pick one.

Girl passed out on a couch during a party. We went to move her and she shit herself and stained the couch.

roommate shitting himself after taking too big of a hit.

eating a goldfish with piss/ throw up/ bong water.

Smoking a cheeze it from a bong.

A homeles dude walked in our frat house, stole a bike, and rode off with all of us just frozen in disbelief


Do you have any recurring dreams?

me being a success and living my life the way i want. “Work to Live”


What do you do better than your pops?

I listen better.


What do you not want to do?

be a slave and working more than half of my life. Never made sense to me that we work all this time and then have very little time for enjoyment. I plan on being able to make a comfortable living while not being tied down to any fixed schedule or location. 🙂


What was a day you deserved to die?

I never had a day where i thought i deserved to die because i am somebody that lives to please people. I enjoy the purity in making someone feel happy or thankful. I don’t believe I’ve ever done anything so terrible to “deserve” to die.


Do you have a code you live by?

“To empathize is to civilize.”

Love this quote. so simple. so real. If everyone lived by this how could their be hate. If everyone could understand the other persons situation and actually cared to help them then we would live in a peaceful world.


What is up with the Lakers?

Just drafted the next magic. his name is Lonzo Ball, I’m sure you’ve heard something crazy about his dad Lavar in the media but its the future. We also have magic johnson running the team now and it won’t be tool long till we are playing for championships. But the NBA is crazy right now. I’ve never seen anything like it.


What do you order at in and out?

#2 with grilled onions and animal style fries babyyyy. if I’m really into myself ill also get an extra hamburger (sometimes protein style) and a Neapolitan shake.



Have you ever discharged a firearm?

nope. daddy didn’t let us play with guns growing up.


Have you ever been on a private jet?

Not yet


If you could have any car for free, what would it be?

Not crazy into cars but i was just in a tesla for the first time, and i must say that is one cool car.


What is your favorite book?

Favorite book that i have recently read was “the art of hearing heartbeats”.


How many pushups can you do?

probably 50 in a row.


What fruit is growing in the backyard right now?

oranges, figs and pomegranate


What was it like working for ADP?

I felt like i was in a factory and they’re just molding me to be a machine that works exactly how they wanted. Nothing was real about it. Nobody seemed like they really cared for their job.


Who is your best friend?

i have many but right now my best man is Joe Block.


Where have you never been in Los Angeles?

Cant really think of anything.


How many times have you said ‘i love you’ first?

countless times. I am the “emotional” one.