Bruce Lee would not accept a drink from someone who threw powder in their eyes to kick em, would you? A conversation with Scott Rodriguez

In our life, there is a family we hold in high regard for who they are as people, how they live their life and how they do things. We affectionately refer to them as the L-Rods because one of them is named Lopez and the other Rodriguez.  William Rodriguez is married to Ginnie Lopez. William and Ginne have a son named William, who everyone calls Bubba.

Ginnie’s sister is Ghost Mom who is the best best best and funnier and has a humongous brain. I like to pour Ghost Mom’s orange juice juice out. Ghost Mom used to work with Yael in San Francisco.

When Yael and I went through something fucked up, Scott reached out immediately with reassuring words and heartfelt thoughts. Scott didnt have to.  It takes talent and courage to be kind, thoughtful and effortlessly say the right thing.

A number of defining events in Scott’s life seemingly have happened near bodies of water- wonderful and cataclysmic . I dont know what it means, nor did I ask him.

I dont know why Scott loves the ocean so much. Yael loves the ocean as well.

Last night I asked Yael what the fuck about the ocean. Yael said for her it is the closest she comes to being in touch with nature, where she looks out to the horizon and sees and feels the curvature of the earth.

Scott was kind enough to let me know his thoughts on what the fuck with the ocean, how to beat bruce lee and why kobe bryant is the greatest basketball player ever.


what do you do?

I live for my family.


what do you not do?

I dont live to work.


what do you like about the water?

I feel like another being when i am in the water.


you met your wife while working as a lifeguard at Orchard Beach in the Bronx. who said what to whom?

I spoke up first but overheard her and a friend talking about my hair.  I got those beeper digits.


how do you feel about the Yankees?

Yanks are a lot better than expected.


is Danny Ainge a Mormon?

Danny Ainge is a closet Mormon.


what is the most you have ever won playing poker?

I won 300 on poker in one night.


do you have a code you live by?

Mantra is “do it now, while you still can.”


why dont you just bet the max every hand?

Dont always max bet because i want to lose money slower.


where is your favorite place in the world?

Favorite place is the space my wife and child occupy.


what is it like being roommates with Bubba?

Being roommates with Bubs is cool, except when its adult time.


what is the worst seafood you ever ate?

Joe’s crab shack served me frozen crab legs, yuck.


have you ever eaten a live fish?

I have never eaten a live fish.


who is your favorite Celtic?

Favorite Celt of all time is Kevin McHale.


which Celtic would you not give the time of day to?

I would not give the time of day to Ray Allen.


what is your favorite movie?

Favorite Movie is Apocalypto.


will you pour out Diana’s orange juice for me?

I will not pour out the orange juice, rather drink it.


what is up with Neptune?

Neptune is better off without us meddling in its affairs.


what do you hear in your head when you are happy?

When i’m happy i hear Arsenio Hall saying “ahhhh yeeessss.”


who did you copy when you were a kid?

I used to copy my godbrother Daryl.


who do you copy as an adult?

No adult copy, i’m winging it.


have you ever discharged a firearm?

Never discharged a firearm, but i do have awesome bo staff skills.


what do you call your wife?

I call my wife Sugarface.


What is the best you have ever seen?

best thing I’ve ever seen is when my wife and mom got to hold my son for the first time.


how would you beat Bruce Lee?

I would beat Bruce by throwing a mysterious powder in his eyes to blind him,  then 3 slow motion Jeanne Claude Van Damme kicks will finish him off.



who won the 2009 NBA Finals?

The 2009 nba finals were forgettable.


what type of being do you feel like in the water?

I feel like a former resident of Atlantis that has been reincarnated without gills or webbing.


have you ever seen a shark?

Yes I have sharks but the kind that are not man eaters.


do you remember what you said to Ginnie? what were they saying about your hair?

I commented on a tattoo of hers.  I just remember hearing, “oooh girl look at his hair” which i used to get often 😉


what did you do for your first date?

We went the movies on our first date, saw Blade, i was slightly late picking her up.


who do you usually play poker with?

I play poker with the same guys i have ever since being introduced to the game through a friend that used to work with Ginnie.


what is it about kevin mchale that sets him apart?

Kevin McHale was not all that gifted athletically but his post up game is all time.


where was the joe’s crab shack that served you the frozen crab legs?

That Joe’s was located at bay plaza in the bx, it is no longer there , I wonder why. 

(fyi my mom rosie just got super sick at the panera bread at bay plaza. do. not. go.)


does a ninja turtle use a bo staff?

Donatello uses the bo staff.


how would you copy daryl?

I would attempt to copy his swagger, he was a bad ass, sort of a bully, but he was much bigger when we were kids so he was more built for that.


what is the advantage of a  bo staff over other weapons?

The bo staff is only advantageous if its user has a connection to it.  With that being said its the most basic so its easiest to learn and master.  It offers a reach advantage along with strong defensive attributes.


what is your earliest memory of the ocean?

Earliest memory of ocean was probably in puerto rico playing in the waves.  My earliest memory involving water is learning how to swim when my dad threw me in the deep water at orchard beach.

(orchard beach is where Scott later meet his wife)


where did you see sharks?

I saw nurse sharks in the carribean while scuba diving.


hahahahahahahahahahaha. i think i saw a picture of you from back then. how would you described your haircut? where did you get your haircut around the time you meet her? who was her friend?

I used to rock a fade on the sides but alot of luscious curls on top.  Her friend Tanya was the one talking loud enough for me to hear, but i had my eye on ginnie who looked baked at the time but still beautiful.  


did ginnie like blade? what movie theater did you see it at?

She nearly fell asleep on Blade and we saw it close to my moms house on 161 st.  


what martial arts are you proficient in?

I am a 7th degree black belt in shotokan karate.  I also study aikido but i am not a black belt yet but i can use it quite well.


so you execute a perfect jcv triple kick. bruce lee is on the ground knocked the fuck out. You turn to walk away. ten seconds later you hear a noise behind you. It is Bruce Lee wiping the mysterious powder out of his eyes. he is chuckling. bruce gets up and says, ‘scott, where are you going? i am not done with you.’ what do you at that point?

If bruce gets back up after those picturesque kicks then i will have to square up with Bruce.  I would be honored to learn from him.


what did you do on your second date with Ginnie?

I am not sure what we did on 2nd date.


what made you decide to study Shotokan Karate?

I did not choose Shotokan, i just went to the YMCA where the class was being taught.  Just so happens that was the style the sensei was offering.


what martial art is your son learning?

My son is learning from all different directions.  I dont believe in styles, rather believe in self expression of what you learn.  


where is your next vacation?

Next vacation is Oregon to hunt Elk.


who is your favorite yankee of all time?

Favorite Yankee was Rickie Henderson, cried when he got traded.  


what was New York like in the 80s?

Yanks sucked in the 80s.  


what set Lawrence Taylor apart as a football player?

LT was the perfect combo of strength, speed and skill, besides the fact that he was just a mean SOB on that field.


what is your favorite song to sing?

Not so sure about the fave song to sing.


how do you deal with negativity?

All sorts of negativity to speak of but generally like to approach it with patience.  


what is the worst job you have ever had?

Worse job i ever had was loading trucks at Hunts Point during the graveyard shift, times were tight.  


where have you never been in New York?

New York is packed with experiences that i have yet to witness, most of which i am not aware of.


what can you do better than Ginnie?

I am a much better video game player than Ginnie.  


what is the wildest thing you have ever seen on the subway?

The pizza rat was probably the wildest thing ive seen on the subway.


are you going to Las Vegas next month?

Unfortunately we can not make it to Vegas.  


if Bruce gets back up, you should offer him a drink with poison in it.

Bruce Lee would not accept a drink from someone who threw powder in their eyes to kick em,  would you?


who did they trade Ricky for? I just looked it up…Greg Cadaret, Eric Plunk, and OF Luis Polonia? What the fuck. That is scandalous.  


what were you loading on the trucks at Hunts Point? Who were the dudes you worked with?

Friend of mine used to work there operating a fork lift, got me the gig.  I would load produce onto trucks.


hahahahahaha. What is the pizza rat?


Introducing pizza rat:



Im assuming laughter was for the pizza rat and not me doing backbreaking work for slave wage.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. yes!


what was it like teaching biology?

Teaching biology was an experience that both fills and breaks my heart simultaneously.   Never been more proud of myself career wise.  Loved the kids,  hated the impractical practices of the administration.  Mostly bitter taste left from a death of a promising student,  little girl shot in the face by her own cousin, when they were playing and found a gun in the house.  


what interested you in science?

Science is how we try to make sense of this crazy ass world,  that interested me from the beginning.


did you watch mr wizards world?

Of course i watched mr wizards world!


what is bubba into these days?

These days bubz is into reading,  swimming and drawing.


what is the fastest you have ever driven in a car?

115 mph


what is the most you have ever won gambling? in a casino?



what is the longest you have ever stayed up?

Not sure about the longest day, past 24 hrs for sure.


have you ever seen mariah carey in concert?

Never seen that bitch in concert nor do i wish to,  heard she sucks live, all stiff and augmented n shit.


what was your first drink?

My first drink was Miller high life.