Let it Snowden- 2017


with lyssa samuel / clifford tilfford 

written and directed by john rosenberg

 june 9 – july 1

“John Rosenberg’s off-beat living room theatre returns with the story of a children’s apparel executive revealing his time with Eric Snowden during a 17-hour layover in Moscow. No, the show is not 17 hours long. It will almost certainly be strange. ”
–Noah Nelson, No Proscenium

A play in two acts

Transit Zone of Vnukovo International Airport

Moscow Russia

July, 2014

Barrett: CMO of an American children’s apparel company

Bennett: EA to the CMO of an American children’s apparel company  

Lyssa Samuel (Bennett) is ecstatic to be working on her second Hella Fresh Theatre production. She’s currently working on editing her first self-produced short, Mr. Goat, coming soon to www.lyssasamuel.com where all her sketches and content can be viewed.

John Rosenberg (Barrett) has written Use Both Hands, Jericho Road Improvement Association, Cheap Guy HOF, California Redemption Value, Queen of All Weapons, Automatic Fault Isolation, The Gambling Room, Alp D’ Huez, Cana of Galilee, The Low Cost Mule, United States 110 Tunisia 68, We Have Others, Cowboy Cologne, Partial/Fractional/Promised.

I dont think i had ever put a thing in a program about the play before. I usually dont say anything regarding what i put on because fuck whatever it is i have to say. Unless I have done it before.

Let It Snowden started as a short play I wrote for Automatic Arts Nice and Fresh Series in Philadelphia in November, 2013. It was about two people waiting in an airport and talking about how fucking terrible Edward Snowden was. There was a great line about a guy touching a kid in the airport at Charles de Gaulle. I think I tried too hard or cared too much about the topic and it just I didnt do it right. Which is fine. I knew I wanted to do something about it but didnt know how to go about it so fixodent and forget it.

A year later, I had two seventeen hour layovers in Moscow. I was super pumped. I love the airport. Furthermore, I thought I was going to be in the same transit zone Edward Snowden had spent a month in. The thought of returning to the idea of Let It Snowden came back to life. I would walk where he walked, I would eat where he ate. I would understand and nail the story of something that i didnt know what was about.

When I got there to Moscow, it turned out I was at a different airport than the one Edward Snowden had been stuck at. More immediately, it was fucking freezing in the transit zone, I forgot to tell the bank I was going to be in Moscow and my credit card didn’t work at Burger King. I was scared to try to ask to exchange my american money. So I listened to the same two songs over and over and over and watched a few movies and prayed for the layover to end. I think it took two hours for my will and spirit to be broken and I wanted to be there, So peace, awe and thank you to Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. On the way back I was able to use my credit card and ate hella burger king and took photos and felt like i lived through something.    

All praise is due to those who choose to spend time with me or have to and made this better: Yael McShane Wulfhart, Josh McIlvain, Jhane Karat, Rogin Kim, Rammy Park, Luis Cardenas, Stephanie Nadeau, Jack Rosenberg, Annabel McShane Wulfhart and Handsome Scott Sitman. HEEHAW living legend Sarah Rosenberg.