Not Not The Illuminati- 2018

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Not Not The Illuminati!

Special Council and Committee members! Members of Pilgrim Society! Priests and above at the Special Positions!  You are invited to an exclusive party/conference/cabaret/performance/funeral in honor of the death/retirement/ascension/rebirth of Sammi Starr: Performer to the Illuminati and Sammi Starr: master puppeteer of trillions!  Be prepared for a highly informative night of music, laughs, powerpoint presentations and stewardship opportunities.

Not open to Initiates of Sanctuary or Round Table Groups or Jews (of course!)

Starring Eric Jaffe / Written by John Rosenberg / Music by Anna Michael and Kiera McGowan

February 15, 2018, 8:00pm

Tattooed Mom / 530 South Street, Philadelphia PA 19147

For tickets, send a mental fax to the Special Committee


Please review powerpoint before coming to meeting:

Illuminati Breakout Session: in Conversation with Sammi Starrs / Update on Worldwide Mind Control Puppeteering

The Hum’n’bards Performance Troupe is a collective of actor-musicians, rooted in the communal and political narrative of folk stories, music, and science fiction. Challenged by the diaspora of Philadelphia artists moving elsewhere, Hum’n’bards is dedicated to connecting with fellow artists long-distance through original and experimental means of theater making.

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