Hella Fresh Theater of Los Angeles in collaboration with The Hum’n’bards Performance Troupe of Philadelphia are proud to present a new play

Two sisters get into a huge fight on the phone not really but yeah.

A new play performed simultaneously in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.


Anna Michael as Bonita
Jill Galbraith as Juanita

October 21, 22, 28, 29

2:00pm PST / 5:00pm EST

In Philadelphia:

1318 Crease Street, Fishtown USA

Philadelphia Tickets

In Los Angeles:

3826 Mentone Avenue, Culver City USA

Los Angeles Tickets

Alexis Pozonsky as Amanda


Anna Michael and Alexis Pozonsky in Philadelphia

Jill Galbraith and Lyssa Samuel in Los Angeles

Lyssa Samuel as Daryl
 from an idea by john rosenberg and sarah knittel

editing and consulting provided by Automatic Arts of Philadelphia

written and directed by john rosenberg

john rosenberg


Juanita is a self-serious 19-year-old college student who overcame childhood brain cancer. Bonita is her self-righteous 25-year-old sister who moved to Philly and stays high until tomorrow every day.  The two sisters get into a huge fight not really, but yeah, really.


But Next Not This will be performed simultaneously in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Audience members in each city will watch the play in the apartment of one of the sisters. Via headphones, audience members will listen to the call between the sisters but also witness the hidden actions and reactions not expressed on the phone, offering cleaved perspectives according to location.


Hella Fresh Theater is a Los Angeles based independent theater company devoted to finding nice actors, writing new plays based on the nice actors and putting the play up. Hella Fresh Theater has written and produced thirteen plays in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. But Next Not This will be the fifth original production by Hella Fresh Theater in Los Angeles in the past two years.


The Hum’n’bards Performance Troupe is a collective of actor-musicians, rooted in the communal and political narrative of folk stories, music, and science fiction. Challenged by the diaspora of Philadelphia artists moving elsewhere, Hum’n’bards is dedicated to connecting with fellow artists long-distance through original and experimental means of theater making.


Automatic Arts is a Philadelphia based independent performing arts company. The company creates, produces, collaborates on, and presents new performing arts. Theatrically, the company looks to bring contemporary life to the stage with brilliant acting, bold humor, inventive staging, and a respect for audience intelligence. Automatic Arts is supported by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.