cheap guy hall of fame- 2010

cheap guy hall of fame promo
cheap guy hall of fame promo

A collection of short plays- untitled, Battle Rattle of the Republic, The Gambling Room, California Redemption Value and Golddiggers of 2002.


Cheap Guy Hall of Fame, Class of 2010 debuted at the Papermill Theater in September 2010 as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.


Cheap Guy Hall of Fame, Class of 2010 starred Alaina Nelson, Matt Nicholas, Jerry Carrier, John Rosenberg, Ruby Goldin, Julie Chapin, Hannah Gavagan and Scott Sitman.


Cheap Guy Hall of Fame, Class of 2010, written and directed by John Rosenberg.


Set and lights were designed by Alia Bariban.


Reviewed by Howard Shaprio for The Philadelphia Inquirer


This play is very special to me, first thing we did out in Philly.  It is how I met my man Scott Sitman, where a lot of things started off for me.


The first of many Kensington moments…

Morning before the first show, I was in the theater early, cleaning.  I get nervous and feel sick before a show and like to get there early and be by myself and POP POP POP POP POP there was a quick gunbattle a few blocks away and the next thing you know streets are shut down and i was like, fuck, i thought doing shows during the day meant less chance of fucked up shit but i guess it just means you can see what you are aiming at better. It was a great start for working in Kensington.