we have others- 2015

Brent (aka Professor Dust-off) drops in unannounced on an estranged friend to bury the hatchet and hitch a ride to the Valley. Instead, he finds Adi, an illegal sub-letter and former Israeli solider who sells hair straighteners at the Fox Hills Mall. Brent and Adi break bread over microwaved pizza, huff Scotchguard and dislocate a shoulder, guess the combination to a suitcase from the garbage, and ask questions neither can dare to answer.

starring alina abramovich and dustin wilfert

Written and directed by John Rosenberg

October 2015

All shows 8pm

Tickets $10

Papermill West- 3852 Prospect Ave, Culver City, CA

Reviewed by Paul Birchall for Stage Raw


We Have Others Press Photo