jericho road improvement association- 2009

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Jericho Road Improvement Association Cast with Tarak Shah
Jericho Road Improvement Association Cast with Tarak Shah

An Oakland Police Officer abandons his life and moves to the West Oakland neighborhood he fought the Black Panthers 30 years ago in a desperate attempt to martyr himself.


Abel Habetgeorgis as Cash

James Miles as Michael

Kevin Copps as Bob

Mark Shepard as Art

Fred Sharkey as Paul


written and directed by John Rosenberg


Jericho Road Improvement Association debuted at the Phoenix Theater in San Francisco in June 2009.


Reviewed by East Bay Express, Berkeley Daily Planet, SF Bay Guardian

This is my wife’s favorite play.  it is a huge part of my heart, it was very special when we performed it.  Fred Sharkey was the shit as Paul.  He was the warhorse.

Jericho was my young man love note to oakland, my family and august wilson and arthur miller.  i guess it was when i decided to go for it with stuff.

the play is super racist and one of the characters in the play is talking about how if you want to be like black people and show up half an hour late to everything, that is fine.  of course, during a performance one night, a group of black people came in super late and laughed hella hard at the part.