Partial, Fractional and Promised- 2016

Hella Fresh Theater presents Partial, Fractional and Promised this October

Granddaughters of Einsatzgruppe C patronize the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Partial, Fractional and Promised


Lyssa Samuel and Nicoletta Hanssen

written and directed by john rosenberg

October 7,8,14,15,21,22,28,29

Interview with Noah Nelson of No Proscenium on the making of Partial, Fractional and Promised and the nature of putting plays on in your own apartment.


Lyssa Samuel as Joanna


Lyssa Samuel grew up in the SF bay area and migrated south to study theatre at UCLA.  In addition to Partial, Fractional, and Promised she’s currently working on a short called Mr. Goat; a sweet first date story where an awkward pair uses spy personas in order to connect.  Mr. Goat will be out this December and watchable at: Lyssa also runs a photography business in Culver City and her portfolio is available at  She hopes you enjoy the show!

Nicoletta Hanssen as Ro


Nicoletta Hanssen, an Argentinean at heart, came to Los Angeles by way of Florida. Nico has played everything from an angry prisoner to an innocent life saver, a cheerleader, Isabella from Measure For Measure,  and a Swordswoman. She is a graduate of AMDA and trains frequently in combat for stage and film. Nico enjoys working out, cinematography, and sword fighting!