Magick and Glitter- 2015

Written for Sarah Knittel and Anna Flynn Meketon

magick and glitter

February 27, 1989, Alpha Phi Kappa Sorority House, Westwood, California. A young woman in a strange get-up (Glitter) is breaking down some sort of half-assed set from a magic show. Another young woman (Naomi) a member of the sorority, comes into the room holding a stuffed animal. Naomi watches Glitter pack up. Naomi doesnt say anything for a while. Naomi just watches Glitter and smiles.

Naomi- Great job.

Glitter- Thanks. Happy birthday.

Naomi- thank you! I enjoyed it?

Glitter- did you enjoy it?

Naomi- Did I?

Glitter- You did.

(glitter continues to pack up)

Naomi- you have a lot of equipment.

Glitter- Yeah.

Naomi- the magic behind the magic.

Glitter- you are seeing behind the curtain.

Naomi- am I not allowed to be back here?

Glitter- you are totally allowed back here. There is no back here here.

Naomi- Do you want a hand?

Glitter- You should be celebrating.

Naomi- I am!

Glitter- This is a really nice house.

Naomi- thank you. I am really lucky to be a member. A lot of people consider this the nicest house at UCLA.

Glitter- yeah, I have never seen a house this nice.

Naomi- I am sure you live in a nice house.

Glitter- not as nice as this. But I meant- I have seen nice houses but not-

Naomi- Right. The frat houses are not so nice. I wont step foot inside a frat house. Two feet maybe. (laughs)

glitter- what?

Naomi- I said two feet.

(glitter busy cleaning up)

Glitter- two feet.

Naomi- I wont step inside a frat house. Two feet maybe. I said two feet because of course I-

Glitter- of course.

Naomi- Do you need any help?

Glitter- with? no. I am fine. Thank you for offering.


Naomi- is Magick the Magician still here?

Glitter- Is there a problem?

Naomi- Is there?

Glitter- Why do you want to see Magick?

Naomi- To thank him. I wanted to get an autograph.

Glitter- Oh. what?

Naomi- he doesn’t sign autographs.

Glitter- no he doesnt-

Naomi- Thank you for letting me know. I dont want to embarrass him.

Glitter- why would he be embarrassed?

Naomi- I dont know, people can be embarrassed when asked for their autograph.

Glitter- he wouldnt.

Naomi- I understand. Well not him, me.

Glitter- I meant more he doesnt sign autographs because no one asks him for his autograph. He is at the van smoking a benson and hedges-

Naomi- he smokes?

Glitter- he does.

Naomi- can I have your autograph?

Glitter- sure.

Naomi- no, please. I have a bear everyone is signing and it would be yeah if you did. I am really sorry about this. It is embarrassing.

Glitter- it is okay.

Naomi- how should i feel? How do people normally feel?

glitter– I dont kn-

Naomi- No. I didnt freak out did I?

Glitter- oh. no. When?

Naomi- I just wanted to make sure I had a good time. I had the best time. I didnt fricking make an complete ass of myself did I?

Glitter- no, you were awesome.

Naomi- Did i bark and roll over like a dog?

Glitter- You did.

Naomi- I didnt know if it is a thing where I just slept the whole time and Magick was like make up whatever you want, she has no idea, say she did whatever you want.

Glitter- you barked like a dog. You hopped around on one foot. You spoke with a mexican accent. You will see on the tape.

Naomi- There is a tape?

Glitter- I taped it.

Naomi- ohhhhhh my gosh.

Glitter- one of the girls farted.

Naomi- are you serious?

Glitter- yes.

Naomi- which one?

Glitter- I dont know her name. She was black.

Naomi- Danica.

Glitter- okay.

Naomi- did it smell like Hawaiian punch?

Glitter- kinda. (laughs)

Naomi- she shouldnt be in college. She is fucking dumb. And angry. There is a tape! Ohhhh my gosh. This is crazy.

Glitter- Magick has to transfer the video to a tape.

Naomi- is he doing that right now?

Glitter- no. He is smoking while I pack. Wait, did you pay for the tape?

Naomi- I dont know. My parents paid.

Glitter- I dont think they did.

Naomi- pay?

Glitter- for the tape.

Naomi- I am sure they did?

Glitter- Magick told me to rewind the tape afterwards, which means he isnt transferring the video to tape.

Naomi- well, how much is it?

Glitter- $75 for the tape. He adds music and a title.

Naomi- when do you need the $75?

Glitter- no.

Naomi- no what?

Glitter- the quality isnt good and he just hits record and it videos it from fifty feet away and the sound is terrible and you wont hear the fart.

Naomi- dont go for the video?

Glitter- if you want to but…

Naomi- that is really nice of you. Thanks. (beat) how did you get this job?

Glitter- Are you into magic?

Naomi- I dont think so. Maybe.

Glitter- Magic the magician is my dad so-

Naomi- that is cool.

Glitter- No.

Naomi- you want to be a magician when you grow up?

Glitter- If this is me in…no. I mean yeah but my own thing, you know? This is great and it is him but no, but yes but no but yes but no. you know?

Naomi- I think I do. You want to make pizzas your own way.

Glitter- Yeah. Totally. But when you open the box there is nothing because the pizza is the box but like the box is the pizza and it is like seeing eternity.

Naomi- wow.

Glitter- but I am not there yet.

Naomi- do you do stuff with pizza?

Glitter- no, I just thought of that. I should. I totally will.

Naomi- oh. That would be cool. I want to see that. So magicians can do stuff hypnotists cant or is it like all the same?

Glitter- different ones do different things.

Naomi- that makes sense.

Glitter- my mom was my dad’s assistant but she died so I got to step in.

Naomi- oh my god.

Glitter- that was three years ago.

Naomi- oh.

Glitter- I was working at an Fuddrucker’s but I got molested by a co-worker. who told me she could see angels and that I was an angel. who told me she could see angels and that I was an angel. who told me she could see angels and that I was an angel. my co-worker told me she could see angels and that I was an angel. my co-worker told me she could see angels and that I was an angel. my co-worker told me she could see angels and that I was an angel. My co-worker told me she cold see angels and you are an angel and go to sleep right now-

(Glitter snaps her fingers and naomi falls into a trance. Glitter touches naomi. She smells naomi. Glitter snaps again. Naomi comes out of trance.)

Naomi- what?

Glitter- what?

Naomi- what?

Glitter- what?

Naomi- what?

Glitter- what?

Naomi- what?

Glitter- what?

Naomi- I dont know.

Glitter- it happens.

Naomi- what?

Glitter- you might think things happen but they dont.

Naomi- what?

Glitter- nothing. It is your birthday.

Naomi- What are you doing for your birthday?

Glitter- I dont know.

Naomi- what did you do last year?

Glitter- I think I got into a fight with my dad and stayed at a ramada inn. You can have the video.

Naomi- okay. Wait, really? I dont have $75.

Naomi- That is so nice of you. We are going out to play pool at a bar in Santa Monica.

Glitter- That sounds like fun.

Naomi- yeah.

Glitter- where do you go?

Naomi- At a bar in Santa Monica.

Glitter- okay.

Naomi- But I know they are just saying that as a cover for a surprise where we end up going to fucking Arena. If we go to Arena I will be so pissed at them.

Glitter- you dont want to go to Arena?

Naomi- so I can get shot by some gangbanger in a club on my birthday?

Glitter- there are gangbangers at clubs.

Naomi- a lot get through security because they know people.

Glitter- Be careful.

Naomi- seriously. I dont even want to go.

Glitter- I am sorry. What did you do for your birthday last year? what do you want to do for your birthday?

Naomi- I dont know. Just chill and watch movies. I am over going out and getting super drunk and then having to eat fucking pizza. Maybe I will just stay home and watch the video.

Glitter- that sounds awesome. Not the going out part but the watching movies and eating chilling. I hope the video is good.

Naomi- right, but you get to a certain age and it isnt what you want to do, you know? If I dont go out then they think I am some fucking whatevermaton and like I already have a date for formal and yeah.

Glitter- what is formal?

Naomi- all the, it is stupid but all the frats and sororities have a party and it is at a hotel and it is just a major terrible fucking scene-

Glitter- you should tell them all to go fuck themselves.

Naomi- yeah.

Glitter- are you?

Naomi- what?

Glitter- what?

Naomi- what?

Glitter- what?


Naomi- so, magic the magician is your dad?

Glitter- yes.

Naomi- do you want to do magic when you grow up?

Glitter- yes.

Naomi- Right. Cool. There needs to be more female everythings. What isMagic and Glitter your name?

Glitter- Glitter.

Naomi- that is your like stage name yeah?

Glitter- no, that is my real name.

Naomi- wow. That is a pretty rad name.

Glitter- it is actually Deborah.

Naomi- okay. The, I knew when I was hypnotized.

Glitter- what?

Naomi- like, I knew I was being hypnotized.

Glitter- when.

Naomi- when I was hypnotized. I mean it, like, no offense to your dad magick the magician but it is I mean I didnt want to be like, duh this shit didnt work cuz like all the girls would have been disappointed-

Glitter- so you faked it.

Naomi-i mean I didnt fake it but like I was playing along.

Glitter- that was nice of you.

Naomi- well, I mean, yeah. That was hilarious when danica farted.

Glitter- so you didnt mind it?

Naomi- no, I liked it.

Glitter- would you like to do it again?

Naomi- like, not for like money or whatever.

Glitter- what part did you like?

Naomi- the part where I barked like a dog.

Glitter- any other parts?

Naomi- I dont know, all of it.

Glitter- so you liked every single part of it?

Naomi- yeah.

Glitter- what?

Naomi- what?

Glitter- what?

Naomi- what?

Glitter- what?

Naomi- what?

Glitter- see I cant tell if you are like…

Naomi- I liked it.

Glitter- I did too.

Naomi- okay. We could get movies and watch them.

Glitter- what?

Naomi- okay.

Glitter- what?

Naomi- what type of movies do you like?

Glitter- all types.

Naomi- me too! and we can watch the video. Okay?

Glitter- okay.

Naomi- okay!

Glitter- Maybe my dad-

Naomi- okay.

Glitter- okay what?

Naomi- What you said okay about.

Glitter- Oh, I was going to say he can put music and a title on it.

Naomi- okay. Or not. what movies do you want to watch? I havent seen commando.

Glitter- I havent either.

Naomi- Give me your address and and I will come and we can watch it and eat pizza and then watch commando or go to denny’s or something and that is how I want to spend my birthday.

Glitter- Right.

Naomi- right. Tonight.

Glitter- my address is- I mean, you can get a ride with us-

Naomi- Right, but I then you would have to drive me back.

Glitter- right. So forget it.

Naomi- I want to change and I have to go out to dinner blah blah blah.

Glitter- right. Well, but we live in the Valley so-

Naomi- I have a car.

Glitter- are you serious?

Naomi- yes.

Glitter- okay. It is 23500 burbank blvd. It is in woodland hills. Off the 101 at Shoup.

Naomi- shoot. I need a pen.

Glitter- It is on the business card.

Naomi- okay. I will see you tonight!

Glitter- I will see you tonight.

Naomi- I will see you tonight!

Glitter- okay, well, I am gonna break down the equipment and I guess I will see you tonight.

Naomi- tonight. I am Naomi by the way!

Glitter- i know!

(Naomi walks away. Glitter smiles. She starts to pack up the equipment)