queen of all weapons- 2011

queen of all weapons

A West German terrorist invades San Francisco to re-ignite the world revolution against imperialism and anything else that stands or sits in her way.

Anna Wilson as Anna

Sean Cummings as Kevin

James Tolbert as Maceo

Written and directed by John Rosenberg

Reviewed by Howard Shapiro for the Philadelphia Inquirer

Reviewed by City Paper

Cover article by Bruce Walsh for the Philadelphia City Paper

Um, this play was straight up and down fucking crazy as fucking shit.

Wild wild wild wild wild wild. Loved it to death.

The press release was crazy.  It was typed on lined paper and called Jews Nazis and lots and lots of cursing

There was a suicide attempt and a robbery. A fight broke out. Show got awesome reviews.

The one time I did a pick-up rehearsal in my life, they had just gotten a great review in the Philly Inquirer (read it for yourself) and a fight broke out in the middle of rehearsal. Those motherfuckers hated each other and i dont know if it was because of the play or the intensity or what, but that shit was great.

All three actors were in West Germany at the same time in the late 80s.  Anna was from there, Sebastian was born on an American military base and James was in a touring company of Starlight Express.

I got the year wrong, it should have been 1977.

K-Town, baby

A dude who rented a studio upstairs in the building tried to steal allllllll the lights one night after a performance, but a neighbor saw him and called the police.

Thus, I was granted the chance to learn how to hang lights hella quick before a show.

Tell me this shit doesnt look crazy.

queen of all weapons
queen of all weapons