the gambling room- 2013

the gamlbing room (2013)

The Gambling Room

(Phòng Gii Trí/ Salle de Jeux)


Reeling from the death of their father, two young Americans attempt a coup d’état from a rooftop in Saigon.  John and Jack, rising stars in the US diplomatic corps carry out their father’s final command- meet the embattled President of South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem and furnish him with a list of American journalists to be silenced.  Risking their lives and charges of treason, the brothers vie for glory, prestige and their father’s immortality. Set in the fall of 1963, the tumultuous days leading to the falls of Presidents. The Gambling Room witnesses the end of a diplomat’s family and the birth of a new era in Vietnam.

Dan Tobin as Jack

Calvin Atkinson as John

Sebastian Cummings as Sherman.

Written and directed by John Rosenberg.