use both hands- 2007

A young moron and a suicidal woman meet at the Circus Circus Casino in Reno, Nevada.

Tore Ingersoll-Thorpe as Seymour

Damian Lanhan-Kalish as Gregory

Holly Chou as Marie

Ian Riley as Luis

written and directed by John Rosenberg

Use Both Hands debuted at the Phoenix Theater in October 2007 and was produced by Sleepwalkers Theatre.


Reviewed by Nathaniel Eaton for the SF Weekly


All i got to say is Ian Riley as Luis. Holy fucking shit. The filth and hate that dude captured is the best.  i think writing his part i could say and do all the fucked up shit i am not allowed to do in real life and that was cool.

this was the first play i did. it was fucking exhilarating and terrifying and awesome and everything. i fucked up the ending to the play, i should have kept it one way but went a different way with it.


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