california redemption value- 2011

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A drama teacher, her banished students and rebellious offspring fight to stay afloat in a-one bedroom apartment in East Hollywood, California.  Tempest-tossed by divorce and family rejection, the five ultimately square-off in the living room performing acts of suicide and murder as desperate attempts for validation.  A personal testament to the author’s formative years, California Redemption Value is a comedic celebration of the redemptive power of lying.


Anna Flynn-Meketon as Annie

Kevin Chick as Michael

Darren Johnson as Sean

Danny Donnely as Luis

Julie Chapin as Birdie


Written and directed by John Rosenberg

California Redemption Value was performed at the Papermill Theater in January 2011.

Reviewed by City Paper

Reviewed by Wendy Rosenfeld for Philadelphia Inquirer

My mom hates this play, straight up and down.  She said she hated the woman who played birdie, but Julie Chapin was great as Birdie. She just hates this play.

I borrowed a fake christmas tree from yael’s job for the show and beat the ever living shit out of it.

K-Town baby…

While the show was opening there was a dude in the neighborhood murdering prostitutes, dubbed the Kensington Strangler.

Although we were promised heat for the building, the show was heated using propane tanks hooked up to heating elements.  BEYOND FUCKING DANGEROUS. I will always remember Kevin Chick sitting by a propane tank studying his lines backstage.  Those actors were super awesome and great to work under those bullshit assed conditions.


anna flynn-meketon, california redemption value
anna flynn-meketon, california redemption value