Effie, a German lawyer in Hollywood, tries to make Brigette Helm an American movie star.

Frauenschlläechterei is a new play presented in installments sent to you via the mail, culminating in a performance in your home.

Starring Effie Kammer

Written and directed by John Rosenberg

You can start your subscription to the play at anytime!

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Interview with Tina Brock of IRC regarding Frauenschlläechterei

“[John] Rosenberg is proving himself a master of the one-scene two-hander.” Read the Broad Street Review of Osceola by Josh Herren

A note for brave and intrepid actors: I can’t control what you do. Most of the time neither can you. Ignore stage directions. Ignore what you think I think it means. On stage someone will fuck up every time and that is great. With characters, it is funny when people have opinions. I love when what you say changes meaning depending on the reaction of someone else. Also when people mean the opposite of what they just said. I like it when people tempt the fates. Just because you say something, doesn’t mean it has to be true. The more serious you take yourself, the funnier you sometimes can be. Let your pettiness and self-regard reign. When you are defensive and hurt, you have no idea what you are talking about. Just because you mean it one moment doesn’t mean you mean it the next. No one pays attention all the time. The more you can be yourself, the better.

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